Partner. Impact. Thrive.

Foundation Borderless Consulting result-oriented approaches stem from over 30 years of cross-sector, international experience in fostering innovation to deliver local solutions that create global impact.

We are:

Impact Driven

Focused on holistic transformation and system strengthening

Expert at Delivering Shared Value

Leveraging shared expertise, resources and reach to amplify impact

Agile and Networked

Accomplished development specialists driving change at scale

Our Services

Foundation Borderless Consulting is a service-oriented organization – often functioning as a launch pad for high potential new ideas looking for a home to incubate and flourish.
Strategic Planning
  • Insight
  • Analysis
  • Advisory
Partnership Management
  • Convening
  • Coalition building
  • Governance
  • Financial leverage
Project Management
  • Context-driven plans
  • Multiple geography oversight
  • Delivery facilitation
  • Social marketing
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic communications
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Impact and ESG reporting
Secretariat Management
  • Turnkey management services
  • Grants administration and fiscal sponsorship
  • Contracting and compliance
Areas of Expertise

Water Security

Over the past decade our partnerships have improved water security around the world.

Water is building block to thriving communities, healthy ecosystems and sustainable world.

Foundation Borderless Consulting is a leader in the water sector, supporting corporate and government partners to create and meet ambitious goals, particularly in clean water access, sanitation and hygiene.

With affiliate organizations and Challenge programes and Water Organizations Partnerships around the world , Foundation Borderless Consulting clean water programs communities in more than 60 countries.

We mobilize shared resources to strengthen water systems at river basin and community levels. 

By working with leading water experts, we develop partnerships that fortify upstream water systems for agriculture, industry, and habitats and improve daily water and sanitation systems for communities downstream.

We achieve results by

  • Creating and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships for collective action and joint advocacy
  • Mobilizing financing and financial co-leverage to achieve scale
  • Advising on materiality and risk, partners, stakeholder engagement, communications and target-setting
  • Designing and managing high impact, context-driven programs
  • Deploying technology and advanced analytics
  • Advancing policy, regulatory and industry frameworks

Health and Wellbeing

Communities thrive when all people are healthy.

Foundation Borderless Consulting growing Public Health practice is a result of our ability to build and facilitate cross-sector alliances to strengthen health systems and adapt private sector models to address health challenges.

By applying insights and best practices through an expert network, our programs improve access, availability and uptake of live-saving medicines and health services, contribute to safer health service delivery and help ensure water, sanitation and hygiene access in healthcare facilities

With global health donors and partners, we achieve pioneering results by:

  • Working with Ministries of Health to integrate private sector models for more efficient last mile supply chains
  • Adapting commercial marketing approaches to encourage healthy behavior and create demand for essential services
  • Supporting entrepreneurs to adapt and scale offerings and improve health outcomes
  • Facilitating a range of multi-sector partnerships and inspiring innovation

Community Development

Market-based approaches empower individuals and uplift communities.

By applying private sector capability building approaches, our programs help to develop new economic opportunities and grow small-to-medium enterprises in emerging markets.

Beyond fostering entrepreneurship, our work at the intersection of women’s empowerment and water, sanitation and hygiene has proven to facilitate gender equality by unlocking women and girls’ potential across every social-economic sphere.

We promote entrepreneurship by:

  • Helping clients select, evaluate, and administer catalytic grants to social enterprises
  • Incubating and advising high potential, early-stage platforms
  • Designing and managing programs that address gender barriers and create economic benefits
  • Building an evidence base for investing in women and youth 

Sustainability, Innovation and Advisory

Sustainable development cannot be achieved through siloed approaches to impact.

Foundation Borderless Consulting is dedicated to helping organizations develop and test innovative, cross-cutting approaches to promote sustainability broadly. 

As an international network of sustainability specialists, we offer a range of expertise including:

  • Strategic planning and business case development
  • Environmental, social and governance performance management systems
  • Program solutions for sustainable practices that balance sustainability, cost and risk
  • Incubating high potential new programs, technologies and emerging platforms

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